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Types of Customs Holds that our Inbound Customers may receive:


Ultimate Consignee Holds:


Requests for Ultimate Consignee information are sent directly to the shipping line approximately 5 days prior to vessel discharge. These requests (pre-holds) are forwarded on to the importer named on our manifest. Customs requires a copy of the house bill showing the ultimate consignee¡¯s name and full address. No formal hold will be placed on the cargo, if required information is received in a timely manner. If vessel has arrived and required information has not been received, the cargo will be placed on hold.


Customs Inspection Operation (CIO) Holds


CIO holds are full inspection holds. These inspections are confidential.  The Shipping Line is not permitted to notify the customer until we are in receipt of the hold release. At this time we will provide the customer with an invoice for the cost of the inspection. Holds are removed upon receipt of payment.


CIO VACIS Examinations:


VACIS exams (mobile gamma-ray machine used to x-ray the container and the container contents) are carried out on the dock at time of cargo discharge.  A third party invoice is prepared upon completion of the exam and submitted to the importer of record. As the container must be on a chassis in order to be scanned, there are rehandle charges as well as inspection charges.


Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.) Documentation Holds:


C.F.I.A documentation holds are faxed to Cosco who in turn passes them on to the importer named on the manifest.  The importer will need to provide the necessary paperwork (indicated on the hold) directly to C.F.I.A. The hold will be removed upon receipt of the paperwork.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.) Wood Packing Inspections:


C.F.I.A. wood packing inspections take place at United Terminals in Burnaby.  Cosco will notify the importer named on the manifest that an inspection will take place. With the exception of local Vancouver cargo, third party invoice is prepared and forwarded to the customer once the inspection is completed. U.T. will invoice local customers direct for local cargo. Holds are moved upon receipt of payment.



Special note:  Anytime you are being asked to forward paperwork to Customs, please ensure that there is a cover page including the Vessel, Voyage, bill of lading number and container number(s)


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