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Export Report Regulation

Please be advised that the new Canada Customs Export Regulations are expected to become law February 23, 2005. Canada Boarder Services Agency (CBSA) will allow a brief implementation period with full affect commencing March 31, 2005.

Please see the attached CBSA/Cosco joint procedures letter which details the new requirements. With effect from February 23rd all marine exporters will be required to report their cargo directly to Customs 48 hours prior to cargo loading to the vessel.

Cosco will not load cargo unless we have received one of the following Customs reporting numbers:

  • Canada Automated Export Declaration (CAED) 每 Licence, Authorization and Form ID Numbers. Refer to

  • G7 Electronic Data Interface (EDI) 每 Licence and Form ID

  • Summary Report ID number 每 SUM and 4 digit number

  • B13a Export Declaration Form 每 Customs Transaction number

  • In transit cargo (cargo not originating in Canada) 每 In bond Cargo control number

The Customer Service process for this matter will follow shortly.

Certain cargo is exempt from the above requirements. Please see the attached letter for further details.

You may also find this Customs links helpful:

A Special note regarding the Export Documentation Requirement:

The paper B13a document will no longer be received by the shipping line and must be submitted directly to Customs 每 a fax will not be permissible.

Export customers will continue to be required to provide the above numbers on their bill of lading instructions which are being submitted to our Shanghai Data Centre. If your shipment meets one of the exemption requirements, please indicate the following on your instructions:

  • Customs Reporting Requirement: NDR (No declaration required)

  • If you require further details, please contact us.

    Cosco Canada*s 24 Hour Rule PNW Service FROB Manifest Requirement


    1. Paperwork Cutoff:  Tuesday 4 pm (prior to vessel arrival 0800 hours Friday.)


    1. According the 24 Hour rule, the completed Manifest must be received by U.S. Customs no later than Thursday at 0800 hours.


    1. Paperwork must include:

      • Actual shipper name/address

      • Actual consignee or notify name/address. (To Order consignee is acceptable as long as the full Notify details are provided)

      • Clear, concise, accurate cargo description

      • Final Piece counts

      • Final Cargo weights

      • Container and seal numbers


    1. When the instruction for the master Cosco bill shows a freight forwarder as the shipper/consignee, the house bill must be provided to meet the 4 pm Tuesday  paperwork cutoff


    1. For those freight forwarders that are automated with U.S. Customs we require the completion of the form titled Certification. This is a one time requirement and provides details of the Freight Forwarders EDI process to U.S. Customs. For each shipment we will require the form titles Notice of Cargo Information.


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